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Hall Composites' U.S. facility employs 55 people and occupies a 90,000 square foot production facility where we manufacture high performance advanced composite components. There is also a separate 12,500 square foot building available for confidential projects. Hall Composites owns an 85,000 square foot production facility in Breskens, Holland and a 22,000 square foot plant in Auckland, New Zealand. All of our production locations produce homogeneous, seamless carbon structures with optimum weight, strength and stiffness.

Our production process involves laying pre-preg carbon fiber into a female mold or over a male mandrel in the case of tubular shaped products. Hall pioneered the construction of seamless, male molded autoclave cured tubes. With our 151 foot aerospace autoclave, we can cure one-piece structures up to 150 feet long.

Whether the end product is shaped inside a mold or over a mandrel, Hall Composites' engineers optimize the shape with skill and experience. Once the mold or mandrel is complete, unidirectional pre-preg carbon fiber is then applied in multiple directions as required to support tensile, compressive, and torsional loads. In Hall Composites highly focused process, each layer of carbon is carefully debulked (compacted) before the next layer is applied. This ensures wrinkle-free laminates even in thick-walled structures. Even with high ply-count laminates, thickness predictions are accurate to tenths of a millimeter due in part to our high-pressure autoclave curing process. The surfaces are so smooth, we can apply a clear-coat finish to the surface with no need for weight-adding filler.

Our expert in-house engineering department is always available to help meet your design objectives. Our engineers use finite element analysis (FEA) in combination with solid modeling to analyze loads and create the lightest, strongest, stiffest composite components possible.

Whatever your project entails, Hall Composites has the experienced staff and the best equipment to deliver an end product that fully conforms to your exact specifications.


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